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7-15 Day FRESH Long Surveyed Leads. **
Quantity Cost Cost Per Lead
50 Leads $44 $.88 ea
100 Leads $70 $.70 ea
200 Leads $128 $.64 ea
300 Leads $180 $.60 ea
400 Leads $200 $.50 ea

Opportunity Seeker provides only the highest quality Long Form Surveyed Leads. All prospects have been rigorously pre-screened by successfully completing a qualifying survey and by answering an online business opportunity advertisement.

All leads are fresh, not months old.

All Surveyed leads will include name, address, phone, email, gender, why they wish to start a home-based business, and how much they can invest.

NOTE: Supplies of these leads are limited. We suggest you get locked in with leads today!

**Availability of phone numbers does NOT imply compliance with current State and Federal No-Call legislation. Telemarketers are still required to process No-Call lists per State and Federal Law. No refund policy on lead purchases or data.​

**no refund policy on lead purchases or data.
** By placing an order, you agree to our Terms of Service.

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