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Focus on the great business opportunity seeker


Most business opportunity seekers need to make that little bit of extra effort

But the magic for the business opportunity seeker is focusing on what they do have and then capitalizing on it

Most of business opportunity seekers work, day in and day out, without any real knowledge about how we are doing. Do people around us notice our efforts? Do they see what we are putting into our jobs?

Think about the difference between writers and speakers. Speakers stand before an audience and get feedback, instantly. They know if they are meeting expectations. Writers, on the other hand, may never really know if their work is understood or appreciated. This is true for many small business owners, as well as service providers, marketing professionals, and salespeople.

These people can look at statistics to help them know if they are successful.

Monthly sales tell a story for the business opportunity seeker. But the sales professional will still wonder if his careful consideration of his sales script and the time he took to perfect his closings, and the hours he spends looking over industry journals is really noticed by anyone at all.

Therefore, remember to compliment people when you see them doing something really good. Were they exceptionally professional? Were they exceptionally intelligent or kind or thoughtful? Did they do the ordinary service of taking your order or checking you in with more care than the average? Say so! Letting someone know that you noticed their extra effort can make their entire day.
Make the effort to make their efforts count.  In the end it will make you, the business opportunity seeker more money.

It really is the little things that will mean success for the business opportunity seeker

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