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Our consumer lists are made up of more than 94,000,000 households and more than 150,000,000 individuals. Lists are compiled from a variety of sources including telephone directories, public records, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Postal Service information, surveys, birth records, door-to-door canvassing, warranty cards, mortgage data and more.

We are on-line with all the major databases, allowing us to generate counts and process orders quickly.

Major Selections include:

° Age, Income, Gender
° Presence of Children
° Ethnic Households
° Renters/Homeowners
° Telephone Numbers
° Home Value
° Investors
° Mail order buyers
° Students
° Senior Citizens
° Many more selections

Tap into the power of D&B Business Lists

Business lists are compiled and updated monthly from a number of sources including yellow page directories, business credit reports, annual reports, business and industry directories and telephone verification. We are on-line with all the major databases, allowing us to generate counts and process orders quickly.

Major Selections include:

° Age, Income, Gender
° Presence of Children
° Ethnic Households
° Renters/Homeowners
° Telephone Numbers
° Home Value
° Investors
° Mail order buyers
° Students
° Senior Citizens
° Many more selections

A new homeowner buys more products and services in the first 6 months than an established resident will purchase in 5 years.

° New homeowners spend five times as much as existing homeowners in the first year following their move
° Within their first year, 79.1% of home buyers plan to make appliance and/or electronic purchases
° Major home improvements are common after the purchase of a home: 79.4% of home buyers plan improvements, including remodeling the bath/kitchen, re-carpeting or flooring and adding a fence or deck
° Case studies show that new movers establish their buying patterns within the first three months following their move


° 83% are between the ages 25-44
° 81% have 2 or more children
° 36% are first time homeowners
° 57% own 2 cars
° 47% are College Graduates
° 87% Purchase by Mail
° 70% are Married
° $64,000 is the Average Family Income

Major Selections include:

° Date of closing
° Price of home
° Mortgage amount
° Date of deed filing
° Phone number
° Geographic radius
° Loan To Value
° Mortgage Company

Our computerized database of residential addresses consists of more than 100,000,000 households, including every Post Office Box, every Rural Route address and every Star Route address.

An excellent choice for saturation mailings, the Resident/Occupant File allows you to select addresses in a zip code, addresses in specific mail delivery routes or addresses within a certain radius of your location. Labels are addressed to “Resident” instead of to the name of the individual at that address, ensuring the highest deliverability. Every list, presorted in “Walk Sequence”–which is the exact way the mail carrier walks the route–qualifies your mail piece for the best postage rate discounts.

You can select or eliminate post office boxes, multi-family or single-family homes with the resident/occupant file according to your marketing strategy. However, eliminating single-family or multi-family selections may affect your “walk sequence” postal discounts.

Major Selections include:

° Radius Select
° Multi-Family
° Single-Family
° Walk Sequence
° Eliminate/Select P.O Boxes
° Carrier Route Sort
° County, State, Zip

List Solutions for Mortgage Professionals

Mortgage/Real Estate Database
This database is perfect for refinancing, equity loans, or debt consolidation offers.
$55 per thousand including Name, Address, and Phone
$15 per thousand for each select
$150 Minimum Order

Select By:

Home Sale Amount Multi Loan Home Fireplaces
Mortgage Loan Type Lender Type Home Floor Type
Loan Amount Estimated Loan Balance Home Heating Type
Adjustable Interest Rate Land Square Feet Exterior Wall Type
Mortgage Interest Rate Home Square Feet Swimming Pool
Term of Mortgage Home Stories Central Air
Loan to Value Home Rooms Condominium
Lender Name Home Bedrooms Home Land Value
Mortgage Credit Line Year Home Built Home Tax Value
Estimated Equity Mortgage Purchase Date Home Taxes Paid
Estimated Monthly Payment Refinance Date Home Improvement Value
Home Purchase Type 2nd Mortgage Date Home Baths
Refinance Credit Line Date
2nd Mortgage Construction Loan

Renters/1st Time Purchasers
Excellent candidates for receiving home purchase offers to inform them of their home buying options.

$40 per thousand including Name, Address, and Phone
$10 per thousand for each select
$20 per thousand for Summarized Credit Statistics*
$150 Minimum Order

Select By:

Renters Summarized Credit Statistics*
Income Range Marital Status
Age Range Presence of Children
Length of Residence Ethnicity
Dwelling Type

Homeowners DatabasePerfect for targeting all homeowners is a certain Geographic area.


$40 per thousand including Name, Address, and Phone
$10 per thousand for each select

$150 Minimum Order


Select By:

Dwelling Type Ethnicity
Length of Residence Presence of Children
Income Range Marital Status
Age Range Gender
Home Value Household Religion
Presence of Pool


Real Estate Agents & Brokers
This is the most comprehensive database of Real Estate agents and brokers. All are licensed members of state, city and country real estate boards. Ideal database to establish your refer network.

$70 per thousand Name and Address
$10 per thousand for each select
$150 Minimum Order


Select By:


Broker Agent Business Address
Sales Agent Residence Address
Males Females


All Databases can be targeted by Geography.


Select By:


Nationwide Zip Code
State Area Code
County Metro Area
City Radius

When you work with us, you get more than just “as is” data. You get strategic solutions. Our data experts know the kind of marketing information your business needs. And we know how to get it quickly, creatively and economically.

The Lifestyles File enables you to identify consumer product preferences, buying habits, hobbies, interests and financial product preferences. Information for these lifestyle lists comes from both survey responses and various other sources including public records such as boat and airplane licenses. Survey responses yield a wealth of demographic in formation invaluable to direct marketers.

Major Selections include:

° Ailments
° Fitness enthusiasts
° Boaters
° Car Phone Owners
° Golfers
° Corrective Lens Wearers
° Tennis Players
° Cyclists
° Home Computer Users
° Education Level
° Hunters
° Smokers
° Gamblers
° Donors by Cause

Additional Selection Options:

° Investors
° Net worth
° Music Preferences
° Pet Owners
° Zip
° Phone Numbers
° Gender
° Age
° Single Family/Multi-Family Dweller
° Recency of Response to Survey
° Credit Card Holders

You are what you drive. At least that’s what the TV commercials tell us, and to a very real degree, purchasing behavior supports the hypothesis, particularly when you can segment, as you can with Revinco, according to model, style, and price class.

Domestic and Foreign Models:

° Acura
° America Motors
° Audi
° Buick
° Cadillac
° Chevrolet
° Chrysler
° Jeep/Eagle
° Dodge
° Ford
° Honda
° Hyundai
° Isuzu
° Infiniti
° Lexus
° Lincoln

° Mazda
° Mercedes Benz
° Mercury
° Mitsubishi
° Nissan
° Oldsmobile
° Peugeot
° Plymouth
° Pontiac
° Porsche
° Saab
° Saturn
° Subaru
° Suzuki
° Toyota
° Volkswagen
° Volvo

From diapers to training wheels, encyclopedias to piano lessons, the needs of households with children are much different than those without. Revinco can help you specify an age range as well as gender, because households with 13-year-old boys tend to purchase differently than those with 13-year-old girls.

You can segment households with children as follows:

Age Total U.S
Children 17 & under 12,334,507
Children 11 & under 3,388,697
Females 12-17 1,103,738
Males 12-17 1,236,192

Why mail to new businesses? Because new business owners are establishing vendor relationships now! New businesses need telecommunications equipment, banking services, payroll services, computers, copiers, coffee service, and furnishings. By meeting a new business owner’s needs now, you’ve got a lifetime customer!

Select Owners, Executives and Managers by title, at start up businesses. Businesses are selectable by Branch or Non-Branch Location, Filing Type (DBA, License or Corporation) and Home-Based or Commercial Based Business.

Key Segments:

2,558,953 Total Contacts
883,647 With Phone Numbers

Select by Title/Function:

1,869,228 Owner
4,531 President
18,261 Manager
1,124 Executive Director
833 Principal
1,144 Religious Leader

Often the most loved members of the family, frequently the most loyal: the family pet. Whether cat or dog, the household’s purchasing pattern is strongly influenced by their presence. Everything from chew toys to catnip, bagged food to canned food, owners spend to keep this investment (and family member) healthy and well adjusted.

Key Segments:

Pet Total U.S
Cat 3,324,104
Dog 5,013,993

These are the individuals that are sufficiently motivated by their beliefs to make a contribution to a political, charitable or philanthropic organization. These actual donors could be the difference for your next campaign.

Key Segments:

Cause Total U.S
Animal Welfare 877,683
Child Welfare 249,505
Environmental 204,632
Humanitarian 252,013
Conservative Politics 368,427
Liberal Politics 213,637
Religion 3,312,795

This Database gives you the names and numbers of America’s most savvy investors. These investors are selectable by investment categories, affluence, presence of children, age, phone number and much more.

2,127,400 Total Investors
1,541,000 Investors with Home Phone Numbers

These are America’s hard-core investors. Over 331,000 women investors are available, and several new investment categories have been added. These wealthy individuals will respond to investment offers in areas like stocks and bonds, oil and gas, precious metals, real estate, business start-ups and more.

These wealthy individuals will respond to investment offers in areas like stocks and bonds, oil and gas, precious metals, real estate, business start-ups and more.


Under 24 5,900
25-34 47,000
35-44 244,00
45-54 476,500
55-64 377,800
Over 65 746,598
Other 229,300


0-3 64,000
4-6 113,700
7-9 202,700
10-12 133,600
13-18 193,900


$250,000+ 442,00
$500,000+ 922,200
Millionaires 102,900
Multi-Millionaires 16,500


Hardcore/Long Term 1,594,900 Oil and Gas Investors 74,700
Speculative 619,400 Real Estate Investors 65,400
Known Stock Buyers 607,600 Telecommunications Investors 38,300
CD Holders 138,400 Investor Publication Subscribers 268,100

America’s upper crust, these affluent business executives, socialites and philanthropists have average incomes in excess of $100,000 per year. They are included in the database based on achievements in their personal and professional endeavors.

3,308,300 Total List
1,921,000 With Home Phone Numbers

Additional Selection Options:

By Age:
28,700 Under 24
154,800 24-34
473,400 35-44
666,000 45-54
480,000 55-64
737,800 Over 65
767,400 Other
108,600 Millionaires
17,600 Multi-Millionaires
919,200 $500,000+
969,051 $250,000+
2,378,300 Men
716,000 Women
Other Selects:
117,700 Aircraft Owners
161,200 Executives
137,900 Lawyers
243,700 Accountants
492,900 Pilots
123,100 Dentists
31,800 Psychologists
44,900 Veterinarians
752,400 Doctors
33,300 Yacht Owners
920,900 Donors
590,600 Conservative Donors
283,900 Liberal Donors
13,300 Republican/Democrat
1,972,100 Mail Order Responders

Significant discretionary income, higher educations and a taste for the finer things in life set this database apart from any other compiled consumer file.

Ultra Affluent Americans indulge in expensive hobbies, exclusive vacations and luxurious lifestyles.

They’re excellent prospects for:

° Fundraising Appeals
° Travel & Related Offers
° High Ticket Merchandise
° Gift Catalogs
° Financial Offers
° Business Publications
° Lifestyle Magazines
° Consumer Publications
° High-End Electronics

These licensed nurses represent the larges healthcare occupation, affecting the treatment of millions of patients. They work in a variety of settings including hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, private homes, and governmental and private agencies. Median annual earnings of registered nurses was $41,000 in 1998, with the top 10% of the workforce earning more than $69,300 annually.

Nurses have many professional needs and respond to offers for uniforms, nursing publications and books, and seminars. Many nurses also specify the purchase of medical supplies and patient care items.This vast audience is also a well-educated consumer group, responding to fundraising appeals, and personal and home items such as clothing, gifts, furnishings, kitchen items and others.

2,841,800 Nurses at Home Address
622,200 Licensed Practical Nurses
2,192,700 Registered Nurses

Healthcare Decision Makers
These decision-makers, from top management to purchasing and manufacturing, IT and data processing, sales and marketing, offer excellent results for seminars and training, promotional items and trade shows, as well as general business products, services and publications. Over 7,800 companies are identified as companies with an active website. Phone and fax numbers are available.

109,800 Executives
43,200 Companies
86,800 Phone Numbers
63,200 Fax Numbers

Available Titles:

Chairman 350 Corporate Counsel/Legal 60
Vice Chairman 20 Risk Management 1
Member Board of Directors 340 Quality Assurance 70
Chief Executive Officer 910 Manufacturing 500
Executive Director 120 Research & Development 570
President 17,700 Safety & Security 130
Owner 30 Traffic & Distribution 50
Partner 110 Real Estate 30
Executive Vice President 2,300 Publisher 720
Senior Vice President 3,800 Training 50
Vice President 24,000 Personnel 20
Senior Level Officer 50 Human Resources 240
Corporate Secretary 40 Benefits/Compensation 2
Senior Executive Vice President 3 Chief Information Officer 20
Chief Financial Officer 260 Chief Technology Officer 9
Treasurer 70 IT Director 75
Controller 80 Data Processing 2
Finance (not TFL) 150 Customer Service 200
Accounting/Auditing 430 Division /Subsidiary Head 520
Loan Officer 20 Manager 470
Tax Manager 1 Advertising 1,100
Investment Manager 6 Public Relations 5,400
Chief Operating Officer 170 International 280
Administration 14,300 Sales 5,900
Planning & Corporate 350 Marketing 9,800
Purchasing 80 Editor 3,400

This is the largest, most comprehensive database of physicians available on the market.

Doctors are prospects for any type of medical mailing including continuing education seminars, new drug releases, medical office equipment and supplies. As high-income earners they are also responsive to upscale consumer offers including catalog merchandise, financial services and travel offers.

Select by specialty, type of practice, age, at business, home, or hospital address.

Additional Selection Options:
By Specialty:
8,066 Allergy 3,711 Nuclear
17,577 Anesthesiology 53,148 OB/GYN
37,682 Cardiovascular 2,752 Occupational
14,235 Chest/Pulmonary Dis. 13,293 Oncology
2,558 Child Psychology 24,316 Ophthalmology
8,395 Chiropractic 28,788 Optometry
14,010 Clinical 33,183 Orthopedic
10,541 Critical Care 33,191 Osteopathy
13,703 Dermatology 26,032 Pathology
36,279 Emergency 101,418 Pediatrics
8,263 Endocrinology 11,131 Physical Med.
165,145 Family Practice 9,172 Plastic Surg.
156,678 Gastroenterology 9,704 Podiatry
53,997 General Surgery 3,152 Preventive
1,130 Genetics 64,955 Psychiatry
10,117 Geriatric 78,309 Psychology
3,967 Hand Surgery 5,720 Public Health
10,958 Hematology 55,231 Radiology
36,251 Hospital Practice 5,994 Rhematology
1,095 Immunology 1,492 Sports Med.
8,750 Infectious Disease 5,823 Thoracic
39,017 Internal Medicine 14,201 Urology
6,434 Medical Administration
5,618 Neonatal
23,728 Nephrology
32,321 Neurology

Occupational Therapists
Occupational Therapists help clients to improve tasks used in daily living. They work with people suffering from physical, mental and mental disabilities. They may instruct patients in the use of adaptive equipment, or help clients improve decision-making and reasoning skills. One quarter of Occupational Therapists work part-time. They are a well-educated group; a bachelor’s degree is required to obtain a license to practice.

56,800 Occupational Therapists
20,000 Occupational Therapy Assistants

Target occupational therapists at home with offers of adaptive equipment, skills building activities and other items they can use in servicing their clients. With a median income of $48,300 in 1998, these professionals are great prospects for credit and mid-level consumer offers.

Respiratory Therapists
The majority of respiratory therapists work in a hospital setting, where they evaluate and treat patients with breathing disorders. They are a well-educated group, holding and associates or bachelors degree depending on the educational program they followed.

With a median income of $34,830 in 1998, these professionals are great prospects for credit and mid-level consumer offers. Target occupational therapists at home with offers for hospital apparel and medical equipment useful in the treatment of lung and breathing disorders.

66,000 Total File

Pharmacists are high earning professionals with a median income of $66,220 in 1998. In addition to dispensing drugs, pharmacists are frequently called upon to counsel patients about prescription and over-the-counter drugs as well as medical equipment and home healthcare supplies. Pharmacists also counsel physicians and other health professionals regarding drug selection, dosages, side effects and interactions. These licensed professionals are great prospects for both professional and consumer offers. Professional offers include, continuing education, professional subscriptions, pharmaceutical company information mailings and others. Because of their high incomes, pharmacists are also responsive to consumer offers including credit cards, mail order merchandise, and magazine subscriptions.

State Counts

AK 400 IN 5,500 NH 1,000 VA 6,400
AL 4,200 KS 2,400 NJ 9,400 VT 500
AR 2,400 KY 3,500 NM 1,400 WA 4,500
AZ 3,800 LA 4,300 NV 1,600 WI 4,000
CA 22,400 MA 6,000 NY 15,000 WV 1,700
CO 3,400 MD 5,100 OH 9,700 WY 600
CT 2,900 ME 1,000 OK 3,100
DC 200 MI 7,700 OR 1,600
DE 600 MN 4,100 PA 12,600
FL 13,700 MO 4,300 RI 1,000
GA 7,300 MS 2,600 SC 3,500
HI 400 MT 1,100 SD 700
IA 2,600 NC 7,300 TN 5,200
AD 1,000 ND 600 TX 14,800
IL 9,500 NE 1,600 UT 1,500

If you market over the counter or prescription drugs, medical devices, massage equipment, or ointments, you need this list to increase the impact of your marketing efforts.


Allergies 6,434,900
Arthritis 1,777,295
Back pain 663,008
Headaches 2,043,025
Heartburn 1,634,345
Hearing Difficulty 908,031
High Cholesterol 1,374,543
High Blood Pressure 1,634,301
Migraines 12,334,507
Sensitive Skin 3,388,697
Sinusitis 1,103,738
Hair Loss/Baldness 1,236,192

Now you can capitalize on the unique interests and spending patterns of 16 different ethnic groups. These cultural segments hold tremendous potential for specialty food stores, institutions of higher education, fraternal organizations and clubs, scholarships, restaurants, and many others.

Arabian 202,266
Asian 3,586,308
French 4,305,888
Hispanic 9,640,696
Italian 48,538,151
Pakistan 350,707
Polish 10,107,248
Scottish 8,596,649
Armenian 129,730
East European 4,915,914
English 48,538,151
German 10,107,248
Irish 10,894,475
Japanese 4,305,888
Scandinavian 3,432,437
Swedish 17,017,808

These recently relocated family and individuals reported their new address to their creditors, a strong indicator that this audience is credit worthy across the board. Sources of credit include bank, gas, and retail credit cards.

The first thing a relocated family wants to do is make the new home theirs. They need new curtains, home décor, furnishings, bed, bath, and kitchen supplies, and credit to help acquire all these new things.

With most moves being moves “up ”, these movers represent a great audience for fundraisers, particularly local branches of national causes as well as regional foundations. This is also a good time for families to upgrade entertainment and home office electronics.

Be among the first to call on these new households with hotline selections, updated monthly. Take advantage of the array of selectivity and target seniors, affluent households, families with children by age, and more.

6,687,779 Total File
6,213,816 12 Month Movers
1,844,887 3 Month Movers
618,679 1 Month Movers

The nationwide bankruptcy file includes information on business and consumers. This is an invaluable tool for businesses that market financial and consumer related goods and services.

Utilizing a network of certified collectors, this file is extremely accurate. Daily updates are received from most courts and are added to the file on a weekly basis to give you precise, timely and meaningful marketing data. Companies from automobile dealerships to secured credit card divisions to retailers find this file to be valuable in building and protecting their business. Complete bankruptcy files include pertinent information related to the case, such as filings, discharges and dismissals.

13,015,123 Total US Count

We understand the sensitivity of capturing professional prospects outside of the office and we have identified a process that can verify “at home addresses” on ordered list. This specialized service saves you money and helps ensure you are mailing “at home addresses” only.

At Home Prospects:
° Licensed Insurance Agents
° Medical Specialists (all specialties)
° Financial Planners
° Real Estate Agents
° Sales/Marketing Executives
° Retired Military Personnel
° Teachers
° Physicians (all specialties)
° Stock Brokers
° Real Estate Brokers
° State License Registrations
° IT/Computer Professionals
° Engineers

The Boat and Yacht Owner Database puts you in touch with boat owners with a variety of needs, from affluent pleasure yacht owners to fishing vessel and ferryboat owners. Many selections available including: length of boat, class or type of boat, and type of owner. Boat owners are responsive to offers for equipment and maintenance for their boats, as well as products that will make life on board more fun and pleasurable. Travel offers on or near the water are well received too.

385,718 Total Boat Owners
208,300 Individual owners
1,300 Corporate Owners
32,100 Yacht Owners
6,400 Multi-boat Owners
Additional Selection Options:
Select by Class:
41,300 Fishing
1,900 Merchant
325,800 Pleasure
180 Rescue
Select by Length:
5,100 10-19 ft.
27,800 20-29 ft.
85,100 30-39 ft.
35,800 40-49 ft.
19,000 50-99 ft.
2,900 Over 100 ft.
Select by Type:
68,200 Motorboat
41,000 Sail/Sloop
32,100 Yacht
(Other boat types available, please inquire)


State Counts:
9,700 AK 330 MT
3,900 AL 11,200 NC
650 AR 150 ND
2,200 AZ 410 NE
38,800 CA 3,000 NH
1,500 CO 16,100 NJ
9,100 CT 380 NM
700 DC 1,700 NV
4,800 DE 24,900 NY
54,200 FL 12,300 OH
5,400 GA 780 OK
2,300 HI 6,000 OR
940 IA 11,000 PA
700 ID 4,300 RI
9,100 IL 5,100 SC
2,900 IN 380 SD
1,100 KS 2,400 TN
2,100 KY 14,100 TX
7,800 LA 670 UT
18,300 MA 15,600 VA
16,100 MD 890 VT
7,300 ME 23,700 WA
19,100 MI 5,200 WI
3,800 MN 470 WV
5,700 MO 200 WY
2,700 MS

We offer one of the largest most complete lists of students from preschool to College and beyond. Choose the students list that best suits your needs.

The Preschool through Junior High Listhas more than 15,000,000 names of students between the age of 2 and 13. This list is updated monthly to ensure accuracy. Use this list in your direct marketing campaign if you are selling books, children magazines, children’s catalog items including toys and clothing, packaged goods for children, computer software, pageants, photography services, birthday clubs or amusement pars and more.

More than 10,000,000 names segmented from grades 9 through 12 are on the High School Students List. Research indicates that a full 32 percent of high school students have their own credit cards. Use this list to market various products and services such as clothing, computers, software, magazines, limousine service, scholarships and more.

Segmented by high school juniors and seniors, the College Bound High School Students List contains more than 3,000,000 students who have indicated an interested in continuing their education their education upon completion of high school. Use this list to sell products and services such as computers, software, books, cosmetics, clothing and more.

The College Students List is made up of about 6,000,000 students attending more than 1,200 colleges and universities across the nation. College Students spend $28 billion annually on diverse products and services from books, housing, food and entertainment.

The Young Adult File is compiled from post high school and college student’s lists, public data sources or other unique proprietary sources. This list contains full names of people between the ages of 18 and 35, a prime-buying group.

Additional Selections:

° SCF, Zip Code, County
° State
° Gender
° Age
° Telephones
° Income
° Head of House
° Class Year
° Computer Owners
° College/University
° Field of Study

Please call for more information


We are proud to be a national provider of Direct Marketing and Data Solutions.

Our vision: To provide our clients easy access to every compiled mailing list available in America. Whether you are a high volume mailing list user or a first time mailer we have the solution for your direct marketing campaign. It’s never been easier to find people to buy your goods and services.

We provide the most up to date, comprehensive lists on the market.

We always pulls our data from a variety of sources so you get an unbiased opinion and synergistic effect.

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