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5-7 Day FRESH Double Opt-In E-mail Leads. ** Very Workable and Responsive. Great value!
1000 Leads $69 $.069 ea
2000 Leads $124 $.062 ea
3000 Leads $175 $.058 ea
4000 Leads $224 $.056 ea
5000 Leads $270 $.054 ea

Opportunity Seeker knows that to be a successful network marketer you always need good quality FRESH leads. Our Double Opt-In Email leads are, just that! All leads are emailed to you in a downloadable Excel file usually within 24 hours.

Opportunity Seeker lead prospects have visited an online advertisement, and have filled out an interest form to receive additional information. All leads come with Name & Email Address.

Double Opt-in Email Leads (5-7 days old). All lead prospects have asked twice for information about making extra money.

Lists are cleaned and validated prior to distribution. This ensures you only receive the freshest quality.

**no refund policy on lead purchases or data.
** By placing an order, you agree to our Terms of Service.

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